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Welcome to "888" and experience the illumination balance that comes with this collection. "888" has two sides in all aspects of it’s creation - light and dark, above and below, masculine and feminine. "888" consists of eleven gender neutral looks, allowing the wearer to fully express their feelings, moods, and confidence. Move forward with confidence and believe nothing can stop you from achieving what you want with "888" on your side.

The inspiration behind "888" was people and the feeling that at the end of the day we are all the same. Hannah wanted to create a collection that trangresses social, physical, financial roles of life because at the end of the day H.E.R. mentality is that we are truly all the same. The title, "888", comes from the angel number of the same name meaning balance. It was the perfect name for a collection looking to balance the opposites of life to create a well balanced collection. 

Words from the designer

About "888"

This was the first collection that I could truly design the way that I wanted to without restrictions. It's harder to create without boundaries, so it took a lot of time to get to the point that I felt that "888" was both a part of me and represent what I wanted it to represent. "888" allowed me to truly find out who I was as a designer and instill the values that I want to represent moving forward as a designer and a brand.”

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